HSA Leadership


Jill Altshuler President (lowermerionhs.hsa@gmail.com)
Needed Co-President
Cathy Greenland Communications Coordinator (lmacesupdate@gmail.com)
Elisabeth Browning Communications Co-Coordinator
Michelle Gallagher Community Engagement Coordinator
Jamie Habre Treasurer
Allison Farcus Secretary
Charlene McGrew, Pamela Shaw 9th Grade Parent Representatives
Kami Pulsifer, Alexa Grollman 10th Grade Parent Representatives
Cathy Greenland, Pia Arellano, Pex Arellano 11th Grade Parent Representatives
Maryellen Riggio, Kami Pulsifer 12th Grade Parent Representatives (lmhs2024@gmail.com)
Needed ISC Representative
Pex Arellano Member-at-Large
Cherese Izzard Member-at-Large
Justine Porter Member-at-Large
Bobby Fagan LMHS HSA Facebook Volunteer Administrator


For questions, comments, or concerns, to volunteer, or to find out more about joining the HSA board, please contact the HSA at lowermerionhs.hsa@gmail.com