ISC/LMSD Student Services Dept present "Creating a Culture of Consent to Interrupt Sexual Violence POSTPONED: New date TBD

Title: Creating a Culture of Consent to Interrupt Sexual Violence Tuesday, March 21, 2023 @ 7:00 PM - POSTPONED Location: Harriton High School - LGI Every day young people have the opportunity to negotiate consent as they go through their normal routine. Putting an arm around a friend, looking through another person's cell phone, or grabbing a fry off someone's plate at lunch are all situations where consent should apply yet often does not. All sexual violence begins with a violation of someone's consent. This session, led by Al Vernacchio, will explore the broad idea of sexual violence and how developing an intentional practice of everyday consent can help young people navigate more significant situations where consent is absolutely essential, like romantic/sexual encounters. Strategies will be offered to create a "culture of consent" that makes it easier and more likely to engage consent in both ordinary and extraordinary situations. Al Vernacchio is the Coordinator of Gender, Sexuality, and Consent Education at Friends' Central School. A nationally recognized expert in human sexuality education, Al frequently appears in print, media, and on podcasts. Al has given four TED Talks, lectures and presents workshops throughout the country, and has appeared on national programs such as NPR's "Morning Edition", "1A", and "Radio Times".
Harriton High School - LGI
Tuesday, March 21, 2023 7:00pm